Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer BBQ

After countless months of drizzle, showers, rain, downpour and rainstorm, the sun finally returns, bringing smiles back to the Londoners’ miserable faces. (Touch wood! Hope this doesn’t jinx it!). Coincidently after watching a few episodes of Master Chef Australia, I was really inspired to cook something and then I thought it will be great to mark this rare occasion with a nice BBQ and a picnic in our garden with my housemates!

One worry for me is that our house garden has been left untamed for ever since we rented the house, as you can probably see in the picture, that’s how “neat” our garden is. My housemates and I tried pulling off one or two weeds, but we gave up, I guess we aren’t really the green fingers type.
But who cares about the weeds when we got the BBQ and for a foodie like me. I was really excited about the BBQ and here are the reasons:

  1. BBQ Peri Peri Chicken drumsticks
  2. BBQ Tandoori Chicken
  3. Roasted Potato wedges
  4. Caesar Salad
  5. BBQ corns
  6. BBQ sausages 

And the best thing is that they all taste amazingggggggggg! Overall, it was a great day, we had fun and we had lots of food, probably too much to digest ;) 

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