Thursday, 22 March 2012



March is an atrocious and horrifying month for many of the students where all the 9 deadlines of university assignments decide to congregate together and torture the innocent students’ life. I was one of the victims.
To paint you a picture of what I have to complete in this month:

1.       08th March 2012 Business Ethics and Corporate Social responsibility (2000 words) 
2.       13th March 2012 Professional Practice International Business and Economics Career Presentation
3.       21st March 2012  Intermediate Economics for Business Technical report (2500 words)
4.       22nd March 2012 Cross Cultural Management Case study analysis essay (2000 words)
5.       22nd March 2012 International Trade and Market Debate
6.       29th March 2012 International Trade and Market Thematic Diary Submission (3500 words)
7.       30th March 2012 Professional Practice in International Business and Economics Dissertation proposal(1500 words)
8.       30th March 2012 Multinational Business in Growth Economics Case study Presentation
9.       31st March 2012 Business Plan competition’s business report submission (5000 words)

Yep, that’s what I have to go through. I remembered four days ago, I updated my Facebook status “On the verge of giving up for Economic Technical Report” after struggling to comprehend the concepts, data analysis and theories explained in the Economics Journals given by my lecturer. To exacerbate the situation, at that point, I only had 2 days to complete that task which was almost impossible for me as my experiences proved that I usually spent 2 weeks to write one economic paper as I am a perfectionist which sometimes is a disadvantage.

5 Minutes after updating my status and just as I was about to go to sleep at 1 am in the morning, many of my colleagues, friends and people I knew ages ago commented on my status saying that I should never ever give up as they said “Home (me)” they knew isn’t the kind of person that would give up easily. Additionally, on the next day, my economics lecturers also cheered me up and said that she was proud that I chose the hardest questions out of the 3 options to tackle and she has FAITH in me and she believes that I will be fine. After hearing all those comments and encouragement, I suddenly felt so loved and pumped up to fight till the very end.

Amazingly, I burnt the midnight oil, cracked my brain and finished the economic report in 2 nights with an overall of 3 hours of sleep in two days. However, I am so proud of it and the quality I had produced.

I apologize for this boring and moaning in this blog, however, my point that I want to mention is that if you are struggling to finish your coursework at this time or in the future, you will remember that you will be fine and people around you have faith in you that you can succeed and counter any problems you have in life just like me. Today, I had also watched an interview of a young entrepreneur on Youtube, this 25 years old entrepreneur inherited a 20 millions pound debt after his dad’s death from an unexpected illness, however, he slowly turned his dad’s business which was on the verge of going bust into a billion pound worth company in 3 years with his positive attitude and his belief on not giving up. Well, so to end, although my story is really insignificant compared to what this young entrepreneur has to face, but both imply that  giving up should not be an option for those who want to succeed.