Thursday, 10 May 2012

How I Met Your Queen!

How I Met Your Mother Queen!

On the 25th April 2012, I had one the greatest opportunity to meet the Queen of England as she visited the Cutty Sark for the official opening of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich after five years it had been ravaged by fire five years ago. Thanks to my classmates who had our timetables swapped with another tutorials so we could secretly skip our tutorials to have a quick glimpse of the Queen. Well. It was a rare opportunity so we couldn’t be blamed for that, besides, some of the lecturers were also eager the meet the Queen themselves. Yes, as foreigners, my German friend and I need to get this opportunity no matter what, to prove we have been to England!!! (and basically can brag about it when we get back to our countries lol)

After one and a half hour of holding an umbrella, standing in shoes soaked in rain and shivering away, the the trumpet sounded signalling the Queen’s arrival. The rain no longer dampened the spirit and the ambience as crowds of locals and foreigners from all walks of life gather in Greenwich to snap a photo and greet the Queen.

Not long after her arrival, the Queen started the official opening ceremony of the Cutty Sark and then speeches by some people in suits and all I heard was “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, blah blah blah…Thank you.” After that, just as the Queen made her way to the entrace of the Cutty Sark, I had the opportunity to be an arm away from her and also to snap a photo of her. And that’s how I met your Queen. 

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