About me:

Hi there! My name is ‘Home’ and I am from the Land of Smile—Thailand. I am currently doing BA Hons International Business at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom and will be expecting to graduate in 2013.    

I am also a trilingual as I speak Thai, English and Mandarin fluently. This is due to the fact that I began my education overseas since I was 9 years old in Singapore where I acquired foreign languages--English and Chinese. Apart from my 8 years of education in Singapore, I had also done 1 year of hotel management course in Adelaide, Australia prior to switching to my current degree.

Besides my education, I enjoy travelling, cooking, painting and photography and participating in outdoor activities such as golf and horse riding. However, my latest interest is in entrepreneurship—an independent business owner, and I am working my way towards my goal.

Well. With that note, let my blog begin… …