Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Life as a University of Greenwich’s student.

Life as a University of Greenwich student is a “Beautiful mess”.

Juggling coursework, exams, extra-curriculum activities, my part-time job and social life can be hectic, draining and challenging yet simultaneously interesting and rewarding experience or what I call “mess” for a young independent individual.

From my personal experience as a BA Hons International Business student, I initially found it difficult to juggle all my responsibilities while trying to maintain my grades and adjust to the British culture and environment. However, after much struggle and aid from my fellow classmates and tutors, I was able to handle the afore mentioned stresses and challenges.

University of Greenwich, from my perspective, is a great platform for both local and international individuals who aim to grow and develop into young, knowledgeable, promising and ambitious young adults. This is because the university offers both a perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning process and an international environment to mingle with students from all walks of life and from over the world! Frightening assignments, tests, presentations, group works and terrifying exams would also play a role in training students to acquire essential skills such as the decision making skills, creativity, communication skills and presentation skills.  Besides the dry and intellectual stuff the university has got to offer, the University of Greenwich also offers intriguing extra curriculum activities such as badminton club, basketball club, football club, drama, debating and economic societies, which open doors for students to develop and learn new talents and also to meet new people.

To sum up, although it can potentially present students with a reasonable number of responsibilities, however, I personally believe that the journey and life at the University of Greenwich could shape and mould each of its students into young, professional and promising adults by the end of their graduation. After all, life as a University of Greenwich’s student is a “Beautiful mess”.

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