Thursday, 16 February 2012

Jokingly serious

Draped in a green Billabong-jacket, I sluggishly slouched on the desk with my fingers agilely scrolling up and down the Facebook page one ordinary chilly afternoon in the university’s library. Just as I was randomly reading comments and statuses written on the social network website, my eyes caught attention on one of the statuses on my wall. “Boost up your Student life and Join or Start the student societies and clubs today!” posted by the University of Greenwich’s official Facebook page.

Without much thought, I promptly twisted the computer screen and showed my colleague, Nils, the status. “Awesome!” was his reply with a sinister smile.

Nils then enthusiastically tried to convince me to start our own society—“The ambitious student society”. I burst out laughing when he confidently announced the name of our “future society”. Nils then went on explaining the minimum requirements for entering “the ambitious student society” were a minimum first for all the courses and all society members must be ambitious and nerdy. I was speechless for a few seconds before “LOL-ing” (laughing-out-loud) at his idea. Of course, we were just having a good time cracking jokes and we were not serious about setting up such a ridiculous society in the university. (I hope Nils is not)

The moral of the story is that I have a joker as a friend and University of Greenwich offers an opportunity to every student to participate and set up a society or club to celebrate the university's student life as long as it is not ridiculous.


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