Friday, 20 April 2012


University life is sure hectic and crazy, but it is always worthwhile to smell the roses along the journey. About 3 weeks ago, I had decided ditched my university assignments and took a break by joining the annual celebration of Japanese Culture here is the UK—Hyper Japan 2012!
Since I was little, Japanese culture has played a great role in influencing my childhood mainly Japanese cartoons and animations like the classic Doreamon, Pokemon, Yu-Ki-Oh! And so on. Japanese games like the Sony Playstation and GameBoy were a must-have in my generations. (Thinking about it now, I am actually tempted to rummage my cupboards where my ‘precious treasures’ which were once locked away by my dearest mom since I left Thailand for my education).
Anyway, back to Hyper Japan 2012, it was held at Brompton Hall and it was where magic happens. Once upon my arrival, I was overwhelmed with the Japanese culture such as the aroma of the Tempura Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza with Shrimp tempura), the beauty of Kimono (Female Japanese traditional dress), and the soothing Japanese songs. There were also many cosplayers who dressed as Japanese cartoon characters at the event—I was really surprised and impressed to see them for the first time actually!
My day then continued with me eating all kinds of Japanese food and snacks available—Moji strawberry, sushi (of course), Japanese ice-cream (soooo Oishi [delicious]!) and Japense Chicken curry. After that, it was picture-time and shopping time!
Overall, the event was an awesome experience as I really enjoyed the Japanese culture and food and it was also a great excuse to stay away from work for one day :D

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